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Dear Google, this is what a new product should look like

I recently berated Google (by channeling my inner Dave McClure) for not solving genuine problems with their new products. Recently our angel fund invested in a company precisely because they were so ruthless about actually solving a problem before they approached us. Those who are contemplating a new product at the moment should take a look at these guys., by their founding team’s reckoning, have probably pivoted about five times.  And when they mentioned the word ‘pivot’, I nearly walked out of the first meeting. Luckily I stayed and liked what I heard.

The founders come from the events world, where organisers need to put event info on about half a dozen platforms (Facebook, Eventbrite etc.). Mostly this is a manual process. As is dealing with invites and RSVPs coming back from those same platforms.

Note the clear problem here. Manual labour. Time. Cost. The requirement to keep adding more event platforms because of the ROI factor (Christen O’Brien wrote a great post elaborating about this on the 500startups blog). is a pretty simple concept. It’s a dashboard which publishes to all these event platforms and manages invites etc. being received, regardless of where they come from. So event teams can publish once, instead of six or seven times.

They clearly reduce cost, reduce time and make it easier for their target customer to scale. This is what a SOLUTION looks like.

  • It’s not the reinterpretation of what the companies already do.
  • It’s not an additional process they have to incorporate.
  • It’s a replacement which REDUCES the number of steps which the companies currently do and also REDUCES cost.

You can see why I liked it. Obviously traction here means access to a huge amount of data which leads to further opportunities in terms of sponsorship-selling, event suggestion and a whole bunch of other analytics-driven revenues. By the way, if any of you are in the events business, you should register for their private beta. It’s already oversubscribed (by companies who have all paid to access it) but they’ll be opening new spots soon, I’m told. Also, check their intro video, it’s borderline genius.