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A company you probably never heard of just turned into Amazon

Liam Casey has spent the last ten years building PCH International into one of the leading supply chain companies in the world. I realise that people won’t be terribly excited about that sentence. But Casey changed all that yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York by announcing PCH Accelerator. I still don’t think the world has grasped the importance of this yet: PCH has effectively just become the Amazon of the hardware world.

A quick primer on PCH: based in Shenzhen, China and Cork, Ireland, they’ve grown explosively (last year their revenue was over $4ooM, up from about $150M the year before). They assemble and manage supply chains for about sixty percent of the top consumer electronics and telecoms companies in the world. Chances are you have something assembled by them in your pocket right now.

There’s a reason that we have so many Internet and software companies: it’s because hardware is really tough. Manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, partners, languages, returns. That’s an entire collection of words that you don’t see in most startup business plans. Casey has spent the last fifteen years building this system from scratch. PCH Accelerator lets startups just plug in: think of it as an API for one of the top supply chain systems in the world. They get you from idea to product in your customers’ hands.

In one move, PCH just turned from a supply chain partner into a global platform. With talk of an IPO later this year, PCH is starting to look extremely interesting indeed.