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5 services Airbnb need to roll out

My love of Airbnb is pretty well known.  And in 2013 I’ve clocked up a lot of Airbnb time (Hours? Stays?). Normally these are LA or SF trips but this year saw me test the experience in France, Denmark, Ireland, Germany as well as several rural adventures in England. Here’s a bunch of services I’d love to see them roll out;

1. Pick-up laundry service

Super-obvious and yet they still haven’t done it. I find myself wanting this every single stay.

2. Chef service

The whole point of using Airbnb is that it doesn’t feel like a hotel. So give me more opportunities to feel that. A chef service would be a great way to get more out of really nice apartments by inviting people around for dinner.

3. Daily cleaner

Okay, the one downside of Airbnb is the lack of daily cleaning. So why not add it in? I’d be happy to pay extra for daily cleaning and fresh linen.

4. Local producer welcome pack

Probably reflecting my own interests a bit much here but how cool would it be to have a package of food and ingredients (and coffee) from local producers waiting on arrival?

5. Integration with local car service

About 90% of the time when I check out of my Airbnb apartment, I’m heading to the airport. It shouldn’t be that hard to add a car pick-up option (Uber, Hailo or anything else useful) to my existing reservation.

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  • Also, include a speedtest.net report for each property and let the users filter by internet speed. Stayed in a couple of places where “wifi” was actually the neighbor’s and it was terrible. I mostly use Airbnb because the hotels that can give you 25mbit/sec are very few while in fact hotels should understand that they are a temporary ISP that happens to have bedrooms.

    • dylancollins

      Great idea. Also a filter for ‘has a cat’.