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Ten rules for shared working spaces

I’ve been hopping around SF, LA and London for the last few months, working out of a variety of shared working spaces. From a very mixed set of experiences, I’ve concocted a set of rules which make for happy space-sharing and almost no murder.

1. Bitching about your investors, investment deal or remote team-mate out loud will result in gossip, tweeting and you being labelled a moron. Correctly so.

2. Operators of shared working spaces should discriminate heavily against loud eaters. Ideally, everyone should be screened for excessive jaw noise.

3. Assume that your taste in music is shit and nobody wants to hear it.

4. To the person who has an audio plug-in which announces “You’ve got mail!” each time you get an email, I’m coming to murder you with a blunt axe. FOR EVERY MAIL.

5. If you’re bringing in food, make sure it doesn’t smell like a dead badger. I don’t care how delicious it may be.

6.  Learn the not-very-difficult ability to speak on a conference call without yelling and I will be your friend for life.

7. Don’t look at me as if I’m invading your space when I cross the room. It’s a shared office. Deal with it.

8. Taking meetings in a shared space is pretty much up there with Point 1. In addition, assume that I’ll also be live-tweeting it.

9. If you make strange mouth noises, have weird breathing or any other bodily function which is somewhat disturbing, you should probably get a private office. Preferably in Mordor.

10. Don’t be a dick to the people who actually run the space. They’re not waiters. Although that would be pretty cool.

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  • pydanny

    Please add “Don’t wear loud shoes”? I was at a co-working space and this person had shoes which clonked loudly on the floor when they walked around.

    • dylancollins

      Nice. Agreed.

    • bob brent

      Loud shoes are classy as fuck.

  • whoha

    Don’t post passive aggressive lists of do-nots?

    • dylancollins

      Learn what passive aggressive actually means?

  • navitronic

    Another one… phones on silent, placed on top of something soft.

    Nothing is worse than an unattended ringing phone, other than a vibrating unattended phone.

    • dylancollins


  • I prefer the rule: “Remember that you work with human beings, trust us, we have to remind ourselves every day that you are one, and that helps us not hurt you for your misgivings.”