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Ten reasons you should join SuperAwesome

SuperAwesome was launched about four months ago. With a mix of organic growth and an acquisition, we’re now the biggest kids discovery platform in the UK, reaching over 8M 8-14yr olds. And we’re just getting started. Not impressed yet? Here’s ten other reasons why you should join us. 

  1. This generation is the most disruptive we’ve ever seen. They’re going to rebuild the consumer Internet. And you want to be part of it. 
  2. You want to join a company which has lots of traction, lots of customers, real revenues but is small enough that you can make a real impact. Yeah, I’m looking at you.
  3. You’re interested in blending physical and digital channels for maximum (and unique) effect.
  4. You really like boxes 🙂
  5. You want to work with a team who have a serious track record in building companies.
  6. You have kids (who will be impressed). Or you don’t have kids but have friends who do (who’ll also be impressed but grateful too).
  7. You’re ready to blow up and have been looking for the company which will let you do just that.
  8. You want to build a next-generation media company. Literally.
  9. You like being part of a team which gets shit done.
  10. You want a completely valid excuse to use the word ‘awesome’ with utter abandon.

Interested? Have a look at our jobs page or Angel List. Or just get in touch.

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