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Four interesting startups you need to watch out for

As I’ve been spending most of my time with Fight My Monster, any available opportunities for tracking new startups have been pretty slim. Which inevitably means that all but the most interesting get ignored. Here are four which made it through the filter (and which haven’t taken on any institutional investment).

Eugene Murphy (Tweekaboo CEO) recently sent me some data about his audience which led me to wonder if mothers were leaving Facebook and prompted me to look at what Tweekaboo was doing. Based in Cork, Ireland, the company is essentially a private diary for families to store memories of their kids as they grow up. Not dissimilar to Path in some respects but a lot more targeted. I’ve shown Tweekaboo to several parents (particularly new ones) and it really seems to resonate.

I’ve been watching Anthony Frasier kick around a few ideas in the games space so I was intrigued when he launch Playd. It’s a free check-in app for console games, which largely works quite well (you scan the barcode and it populates your app). The UI feels a bit early but it certainly has potential. He’s looking to provide a service which works for both the game creators and players and I can see how this could be an interesting counter-point to the used market dominated by GameStop e.g. scanning in your new games (rather than used titles) to get a unique achievement/unlock/etc.

Redeem and Get
With Groupon making their first ‘optimization’ acquisition of OpenCal (as I predicted some time ago), it’s only a matter of time before a lot more of these start to happen. Redeem and Get has a deal manager service which essentially proxies all voucher redemptions so that the beauty salon/restaurant/etc. doesn’t get overwhelmed by traffic and lose their regular customers (an issue which has plagued Groupon for a some time in several sectors).

Tastebuds sounds crazy. It’s a dating site based on music. Bonkers. In fact just writing that last sentence almost gave me a minor stroke. But somehow it works-Julian Keenaghan and his team (London-based) are getting good early traction and the network has already generated its first marriage. A very interesting angle on a market which needs some new blood.

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