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Are mothers leaving Facebook?

It’s almost impossible to imagine something dislodging Facebook from their social throne. Certainly, nothing short of an asteroid collision will stop them thundering onto the NASDAQ sometime in 2012. But lately I’ve been seeing some data which makes me wonder about what lurks on the horizon. In particular, I’m beginning to get scared by your mom.

Okay, possibly not *your* mom but certainly the general audience of moms. This anti-Freudian sentiment started after I had a fascinating conversation with a startup called Tweekaboo, an iPhone photo/video diary for new parents. Eugene Murphy, the founder, shared some intriguing data-points from his community, which is heavily skewed towards mothers (almost two thirds):

1. Firstly, Moms are getting increasingly freaked out by the issue of data privacy. According to Tweekaboo polling, about 72% of their users have started culling their Facebook accounts. The biggest question the team gets asked by new users is how private their photos and video are.

2. Moms take a lot of photos. About 25% more than fathers. And they upload more too-the average Tweekaboo user is uploading 1-2 photos or videos per day.

3. Moms don’t back up their phones (they make up a large proportion of the 50% of iPhone owners who don’t). The biggest challenge Tweekaboo have is pushing updates. Although they’re about 18% more likely than non-Moms to have them, regular Moms essentially treat their iPhones as cameras they speak and text on (and about 80% of Tweekboo users in their poll confirmed this behavior).

Mothers are generally regarded as the custodians of family memories. And there are a lot of them-over 84M in the US alone. And from what the Tweekaboo guys are seeing, they seem to be shifting the storage of these memories to mobile. Clearly there is something going on here.

(btw, if you’re a parent with an iPhone it’s well worth having a look at Tweekaboo-it’s free)


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  • Dave McGovern

    Very interesting, privacy has become a big issue for people using social networks. Even more important when pictures of your kids are involved. Combining a solution for that and a solution for the fact that most pictures taken on phones seem to rarely be used/shared is a very good idea. More value will need to be implemented before they can add a subscription service I feel, but an interesting prospect!

  • Anonymous

    @dave Yeah, definitely interesting. Also interesting is the notion that demographics which aren’t the typical consumer-Internet users (i.e. male and 20-40) are becoming increasingly influential in shaping the Internet.

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  • I tried Tweekaboo and really liked it – the only reason it wasn’t for us is that between us is that we’re able to handle the sharing, backup and privacy side ourselves so would rather have more control and options. On a sidenote http://duet.me/ is worth checking out as it’s also a sharing app, but for sharing just between two people. It’s also beautifully designed. The idea of a very small social network of 2 is pretty interesting.

  • Anonymous

    @stewart Cool, thanks for the links.

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