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We need to look beyond Secret

It’s interesting to watch the reaction around Secret. It seems to have successfully replicated the experience of childhood bullying and anguish for a range of (otherwise quite secure) adults. 

There is clearly a correlation between network connectedness and increase in dickish behavior (Benedict should investigate). However, by fixating on Secret I think people are missing two points;

First, the real issue here is how society is changing with both rapid communication fragmentation and hyper-connectivity. Obviously this isn’t some kind of anti-technology statement-I’m simply saying we need to be mindful of change. All the more so as investors.

Second, it’s worth remembering that a huge amount of other chat/social apps are being used by kids and teens in the same manner. So while everyone debates the consequences of Secret, bear in mind we’ve got a generation growing up with anonymised online bullying (and its tragic consequences) as a regular occurrence. It’s hard to extrapolate this trend other than to say that statistically, bullied kids tends to bully others.

Look beyond Secret. There’s more going on here.

“Let me put something poetic into plain English/I’d rather die than to not be distinguished
The outsiders have no desires to be equal/when VIP stands for Very Insecure People”

Goodie Mob, ‘Special Education’

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