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Meet Potato, the Palantir of marketing

Silicon Valley has a small handful of awesome-yet-secretive startups. Probably the most well known is Palantir, who do a lot of very cool big data stuff with all sorts of interesting companies. However, it’s rare you hear about a startup in Europe talked about in the same behind-the-scenes tones. Meet Potato, they’re the Palantir of marketing. I should know-I’ve just become their Chairman.

Potato is probably one of the best kept tech secrets in Europe. How many startups do you know that have grown from four to over sixty people in three years, remained consistently profitable without raising any venture capital? Right, I didn’t think so.

Potato build very scalable marketing technology. Like super-scalable (think millions of users/hour). They’ve got the biggest team of Python developers in Europe. And they build some very cool stuff for very interesting and well-known companies. Almost none of which I can talk about in any detail (although their public client list gives you a flavour). So while it’s unlikely you’ll see in-depth product announcements on TechCrunch or Pando, their reach means you will almost certainly be using their work.

How intriguing is that?

As an aside, the Potato culture utterly rocks. When the internal announcement was made, Jason and Luke organised a Hangout session to conference in all the offices (Mountain View, Bristol, Sydney). But rather than run a boring Q&A session, they did it by recreating an actual set from Frost v Nixon. Mind-blowing.

Watch out for these guys. Oh, and they’re hiring.

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