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Things that matter: announcing the Future 8 Awards

Everyone talks about wanting to change the world. They mostly end up building another chat app. Today SuperAwesome has announced something that really matters: the Future 8 Awards

One of the most important things in the world right now is getting kids more interested in programming and general technology. Schools can only do so much. With The Guardian and Enterprise Ireland, we’ve created the Future 8 Awards to shine a light on the coding, design and other digital activities that kids are involved with across Ireland and the UK. There’s no question this is ambitious. Our objective is to find the top digital talent in eight different categories (from game development to animation) and reward them with extraordinary opportunities.

The prize for each category is being created by a different brand and we’re challenging them to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Something which can truly help the winner build on their existing talents. We’ll be announcing those soon with [spoiler alert] the outstanding Belkin folks coming up first.

Our judging panel is epic. We’ve only announced a handful so far but they include Paul Kenny, James Bromley, Jemima Kiss, James Whelton, Alice Taylor, Wil Harris, Cathal Gaffney and Niall Harbison.

For more info, hit the main site. If you’d like to get involved (teacher, parent, student, sponsor, judge), we’d love to talk to you.  Together I think we can make this a bit special.

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